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WE CARRY ALL PARTS FOR ALL MODELS OF MIDWEST PACIFIC HEAT SEALERS. Would you buy a new car if you couldn’t get parts for it later? Probably not. Why invest in a new bag sealer if the seller doesn’t carry any and all parts you might need in the future. Down to the smallest screw, we carry every part for the Midwest Pacific bag sealer you purchase from us. For more information regarding Parts, please click here.

Shop our large selection of Midwest Pacific brand heat sealers: the very best quality at an affordable price. Each unit features heavy duty electronic components in a rugged cast body. The heat element and teflon on all popular models are made to our exacting specifications to ensure production dependability, the longest life and low operating costs.

Bag Sealers

Hand Operated Impulse Heat Sealers
Our large selection of different sized hand operated, table-top bag sealers. The impulse sealers provide instant heat and feature a seal width of either 1/16th" or 2 mm, which provides a watertight, airtight seal.
Hand Operated Impulse Heat Sealers with Cutter
These sealers are similar to our hand-operated table-top sealers listed above but feature a built-in cutter that makes these models ideal for making and sealing bags of any length from poly tubing or used to seal and trim regular poly bags.
Foot Pedal Operated Impulse Heat Sealers
The foot pedal operated bag sealers are all free-standing and pedestal mounted sealers. Because they are activated by a foot pedal, both hands are free to handle package and product. The impulse sealers provide instant heat and feature a standard seal width of 5/64th" (5 mm available).
Foot Pedal Operated Constant Heat Sealers
The constant sealers stay heated continuously and are ideal for sealing cellophane, foil, metalized, mylar and very thick poly materials. They are free standing, pedestal mounted, foot pedal operated sealers. (Not recommended for PE or PP bags.)
Foot Pedal Operated Double Impulse Sealers
The double element sealers feature a heating element in both the upper and lower jaws and are ideal for sealing very thick polyethylene or polypropylene bags or "exotic" materials. They are free standing, pedestal mounted, foot pedal operated sealers.
Automatic Table-Top Impulse Sealers
The automatic sealers feature three seperate controls that control clamp, seal time and seal interval - allowing for full automatic operation. Also included is a foot operated switch that allows semi-automatic operation under operator control. These table-top models are extremely sturdy sealers designed for high production.
Hand Held Heat Sealers
Our selection of hand-held sealers are designed specifically for different applications: one for sealing poly bags, one for cellophane and one for sealing clamshells and tacking a variety of plastics. These are constant heat sealers and for the poly and cellophane models, you can purchase a detachable foot pedal accessory.
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