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Packco, Inc. Bag Sealers, Heat Sealers, Shrink Film Packaging::Tips on Using Your Midwest Pacific Impulse Heat Sealer

Tips on Using Your Midwest Pacific Impulse Heat Sealer

Tips on Using Your Midwest Pacific Impulse Heat Sealer

If you are a first-time user of an impulse heat sealer or have been using a hand poly bag sealer for years, the following tips may benefit to you.

Before using your Midwest Pacific impulse heat sealer, take the time to READ THE MANUAL that came with the bag sealer. The manual, as well as a spare heating element and Teflon cover are packed in the box the heat sealer came in.

The impulse heat sealer does not heat up or use any power until the upper jaw is pushed down. Nevertheless, we recommend that, when not in use, that you unplug the bag sealer to protect it from any electrical surge from storms, or other surge.

Always set the heating element timer on your Midwest Pacific heat sealer at the lowest setting that produces a good seal. The higher you set the sealer, the shorter the life of the heating element and Teflon protective strips. If you are using a bag sealer for the first time, we suggest that you set the timer on the bag sealer to a setting of "1". Place the bag between the jaws of the heat sealer and push the upper jaw down firmly in a smooth continuous motion (do not "slam" the jaw down). When the upper jaw is fully depressed, the red indicator light will come on. When the light goes off the heat sealer has completed its' seal cycle. Inspect the bag. If the seal is not complete, set the time to "1 " and repeat the process. Continue to repeat this process of gradually raising the setting on the impulse heat sealer until you get a good, solid seal. Note the timer setting and always use this setting on the heat sealer for that particular bag. A higher setting will burn the bag and give a seal p rone to pop open. If you need to seal a bag of a different thickness or different material, use the same process to determine the ideal heat sealer timer setting for that particular bag.

If you are sealing bags and the indicator light on the heat sealer comes on but the bag does not seal properly, the chances are great that the heating element (the wire beneath the tan Teflon cover) has broken. Refer to the operator's manual that came with your Midwest Pacific impulse heat sealer for instructions on how to replace. The manual also contains other "trouble-shooting" tips.

If you have questions about your Midwest Pacific heat sealer, please feel free to call us or send us an e-mail.

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