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The Impulse Bag Sealer

The Impulse Bag Sealer

The following information is designed to explain to the user or potential user of heat sealing equipment the type of bag sealer that Packco, Inc. offers to its customers.

Impulse Bag Sealer

The impulse bag sealer or impulse heat sealer uses a short burst of electricity flowing through a resistance wire to bring a poly bag (and many other types of materials) to their melt point and literally weld the two sides of the bag together.

An impulse bag sealer does not get hot when you plug it in. It remains cool until the jaw is brought into contact with the bag. There are several types of impulse bag sealers, characterize by their type of operation:

  • Hand sealers are activated by the operator placing a bag between the jaws and pushing the upper jaw of the heat sealer down to come in contact with the bag. These types of impulse bag sealer are usually tabletop models.
  • Foot pedal operated sealers are usually freestanding units that are mounted on a pedestal and the upper jaw is drawn when the operator depresses a foot pedal. Foot pedal operated impulse bag sealers have the advantage of leaving both the operator's hands free to handle product and/or bag.
  • Automatic impulse bag sealers are usually tabletop heat sealers whose jaws are activated automatically by dial-controlled sequence timers. This type of impulse bag sealer may also be manually operated despressing an electrical foot switch. Like the foot pedal impulse sealers, both the operator's hands are left free to handle product or bags.
With any impulse bag sealer, the heating element timer must be set to produce a level of heat from the heating element that is sufficient to literally "melt" the bag material---for only an instant. The correct timer setting is critical to the successful operation of any impulse bag sealer. If the timer is not set long enough the seal will be weak and tend to burst open. If it is set too long it will burn the bag material and also produce an inferior seal. Specific instructions on how to properly set the timer on your Midwest Pacific impulse bag sealer can be found under the title "Heat Sealer Tips" under the heading "Helpful Information", that can be found on the left side of each page of our website.

Impulse sealers are fast, efficient tools to securely seal many different types of bag material. They are commonly used for polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, many types of polyester and even many metallized or foil bags (provided they have a poly laminated liner).

Impulse bag sealers are NOT recommended for cellophane, laminated polypropylene or other cello-like materials that require a temperature set-point be maintained for fixed periods of time.

To view our line of Midwest Pacific impulse bag sealers, click here.

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